The Rice Purity Test: A Simple and Easy Tutorial for Youngsters

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Hey there, gentleman! Today, we are going to talk about something called the Rice Purity Test. It’s a fun and easy quiz that helps you understand how innocent or pure you are. Let’s find out more about this test and what it means!

What is the Rice Purity Test?

First, let’s learn what the Rice Purity Test is. This test has 100 questions and it asks about things you have done in your life. It talks about things like dating if you’ve ever been in trouble and other activities. If you have done many things, your score will be low. If you have done only a few things, your score will be high. So, let’s see baddiehub.comm what these scores mean!

What Do the Scores Mean?

The scores on the Rice Purity Test go from 0 to 100. Here’s what they mean:

  1. 100 to 90: You are super duper innocent! You always make good choices.
  2. 89 to 70: You are very innocent. You might have done a few naughty things, but mostly you are good.
  3. 69 to 50: You are not totally pure. You like to take risks sometimes.
  4. 49 to 30: You are a rebel. You like to have fun and don’t always follow the rules.
  5. 29 to 10: You are far from innocent. You have done many naughty things and don’t regret them.
  6. 9 to 0: You are 100% a rebel! You love having fun and luv.trise don’t care what others think.

How Did the Rice Purity Test Start?

Now, let’s see where this test came from. The Rice Purity Test started at Rice University in the 1920s. That’s why it’s called the Rice Purity Test. It was made for new students to get to know each other better. Nowadays, it’s just for fun and lots of people take it to see how innocent they are here https://ricepuritytest.com/.

Why is the Rice Purity Test Popular?

In addition, the Rice Purity Test became very popular in 2022 because of TikTok. Many people took the test and shared their scores online. It’s a fun way to see how your life experiences compare to others.

Average Scores Around the World

Furthermore, people from different places have different average scores. Let’s look at some numbers:

  1. In the USA: The average score is 64.
  2. In the UK: The average score is 66.
  3. For Girls: The average score is 64.
  4. For Boys: The average rice purity score is 61.

So, these scores tell us that most people have done some things, but not too many naughty things.

Where Can You Take the Test?

Moreover, if you want to take the Rice Purity Test, you don’t have to go anywhere special. You can take it online! Just open a web browser and start the quiz. It’s easy and fun.

Fun Facts About the Test

Lastly, let’s look at some fun facts about the Rice Purity Test:

  • The test is just for fun. It’s not official and doesn’t really measure who you are.
  • It helps people bond and share stories about their lives.
  • The test has changed a bit over the years to include new questions.


In conclusion, the Rice Purity Test is a fun quiz that helps you see how innocent or naughty you are based on your life experiences. It’s easy to take and people all over the world enjoy it. Remember, it’s just for fun and doesn’t define who you are. So, why not give it a try and see what your score is? Have fun and keep being awesome!

So, now you know all about the Rice Purity Test. Go ahead and take the quiz to find out how pure you are. Happy testing!

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